Research Fellow

Andy is currently a journalism fellow through a partnership between UT’s Energy Institute and Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy.


Andy Uhler is an energy correspondent based in Austin, Texas. He reports on the business of energy and the implications on the global environment.

Why do we import Russian (and other foreign) oil when we have a lot of it in the U.S.?
The way U.S. oil refineries are set up has a lot to do with it.
Domestic oil could increase supply, but it won’t be cheap — or quick
Sure, there’s a lot of oil underneath North America. But drilling it, refining it and getting it to the pump will neither be cheap nor quick.
Frackers face labor, equipment and materials shortages as they try to capitalize on high oil prices
Oil producers are trying to cpaitalize on high prices. But the people and equipment they need are already hard at work.
Car buffs want to turn classic rides into EVs. These Southern California businesses are making it happen.
Electrifying classic cars could cut exhaust emissions and reduce the number of cars that end up landfills.



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The specter of inflation haunts this week’s Fed meeting
Many economists believe the gathering of Fed policymakers is an omen of another interest rate hike to fight inflation. Over in Europe, inflation’s growth has led to some very real cost-of-living horror, as the BBC reports. Then, we check in on some school districts in Texas that have shape-shifted t…